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One Giant Leap for Preventive Cardio Care

February 29, 2016  |  Download Slides  |  Playback Recording (60 min)
heart & stethescopeHypertension is a major cause of morbidity and mortality in the U.S. and worldwide that is both preventable and treatable. The clinical management of hypertension depends on accurate blood pressure measurement, appropriate recognition of BP phenotypes, sound therapeutic decision-making, and patient activation. A clear understanding of BP thresholds for the initiation of treatment and target BP levels amongst those under treatment is imperative. Effective hypertension treatment involves multi-drug therapy in most patients. Recognition of myths about hypertension (e.g., it’s asymptomatic) helps to avoid clinical decisions than undermine long-term BP control. Persistent adherence to prescribed antihypertensive medications is a major challenge.

As American Heart Month 2016 wraps up on Leap Day, February 29, please join HHQI for a free, interactive webinar featuring renowned hypertension specialist John Flack, MD, MPH. Dr. Flack to learn more about the key aspects of hypertension treatment mentioned above and to achieve the following objectives:
  • Recognize the steps needed to ensure accurate measurement and interpretation of clinic and home blood pressure (BP) readings
  • Understand the accurate determination of clinical BP phenotypes
  • Recognize myths about hypertension that undermine attainment of BP control in clinical settings
  • Identify therapeutic strategies to improve BP control
Guest Speaker:

Dr. John M. Flack
Professor of Medicine
Division of General Medicine, Chief, Hypertension Section
Chair, Department of Medicine
Southern Illinois University
Vice President, American Society of Hypertension Specialist Board