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Best Practice Intervention Packages (BPIPs)

The HHQI National Campaign is committed to helping you integrate cardiovascular best practices, and we're excited to be developing these new Best Practice ABCS stands for...Intervention Packages (BPIPs) that will provide information, tools, and resources your leadership and staff can use to make a measurable impact on the ABCS of cardiovascular health.

Each BPIP will provide a cross-setting approach focusing on improving Awareness, Assessment & Actions, as well as addressing the needs of Underserved Populations.

Cardiovascular Health Part 1 BPIP Cover
Revised December 1, 2014
Cardiovascular Health Part 1:
Aspirin as appropriate & Blood pressure control

This BPIP focuses on the evidence-based practices for using appropriate aspirin or antiplatelet therapy with patients who need it, as well as assessments and strategies to assist patients with controling their blood pressure to prevent heart attacks and strokes. Recently updated to include new industry guidelines for cholesterol management released in 2013.

Cardiovascular Health Part 2 BPIP Cover
Revised December 1, 2014

Cardiovascular Health Part 2:
Cholesterol management & Smoking cessation

This BPIP focuses on improving cholesterol screenings and actions to reduce cardiovascular risk, as well as tools and resources for clinicians to help patients stop smoking. Recently updated to include new industry guidelines, algorithms, and protocols for hypertension management released in 2013.