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The HHQI National Campaign Team

The HHQI team includes a deep pool of subject matter experts to efficiently provide technical assistance to home health providers, both virtually and face-to-face. Scroll down or click on the photos below to learn more about each team member.

Shanen Wright
Campaign Director

Misty Dyke
Communications Specialist

Laurie Fink Communications Specialist

A.LefkayAndrea Lefkay
IQC Coordinator

Misty Kevech
RN Project Coordinator

Cindy Sun
RN Project Coordinator

Jill Manna
Director of Analytical Resources

Ying Sun

Joshua Nyirenda
Director of Science


Sharon Miller
RN Project Coordinator

Crystal Welch
RN Project Coordinator

S.WrightShanen Wright
HHQI National Campaign Director

As HHQI National Campaign Director, Shanen leads a diverse team of professionals in recruiting, engaging and providing a wide range of resources for thousands of home health agencies to improve the quality of care they provide their patients. He also serves as the team’s primary liaison with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), ensuring that the Campaign meets expectations and is in compliance with all contractual requirements. He has nearly 20 years of health care marketing experience with Quality Insights. 
On a personal note, Shanen is a die-hard fan of his alma mater Marshall University, nationally famous from the 2006 movie We Are Marshall. You can often find him cheering on Thundering Herd sports teams, typically from the comfort of his recliner alongside his wife and beloved pets.

M.DykeMisty Dyke
Communications Specialist

As the communications lead for the HHQI National Campaign, Misty assumes primary responsibility for the ongoing marketing and promotion of home health quality improvement information and resources using websites, email marketing, the MyHHQI Blog, and social media platforms. Misty works closely with clinical HHQI team members to develop Best Practice Intervention Packages (BPIPs), and she also produces HHQI’s educational webinars and other online events.
On a personal note, Misty is a nature lover. She spends most weekends during the summer whitewater rafting and camping with friends or getting her hands dirty in the garden. In the winter, she stays busy with home improvement and craft projects and the occassional ski trip.

L.FinkLaurie Fink
Communications Specialist

As a communications specialist working on the HHQI National Campaign, Laurie provides communication support to the ongoing marketing and promotion of home health quality improvement information and resources, with her primary responsibility being the MyHHQI Blog. She also serves as the project manager for HHQI’s Video BPIP series.
On a personal note, Laurie enjoys spending time with her family, friends and her fur-babies (a dog who really thinks she is a person, and two cats who allow her in their presence from time to time). She loves to spend her spare time outdoors hiking, biking, camping, and making as many trips to the beach as possible. She also enjoys traveling to new and exciting places, with Ireland and Italy being on the top of her wish list for future trips.

A.LefkayAndrea Lefkay
Internal Quality Control (IQC) Coordinator

As the IQC Coordinator for the HHQI National Campaign, Andrea assumes responsibility as the lead for the HHQI IQC Database by inputting campaign activities, milestones and deliverables for mandatory monthly report submissions to CMS. Andrea is also the resource for external campaign participants through the HHQInfo System.
On a personal note, Andrea loves to travel, walk her two dogs and relax on her front porch with her husband in the summer and cheer on the WVU Mountaineers with her daughter at football games in the fall. Every year, she looks forward to participating in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure Walk and the National Down Syndrome Society Buddy Walk. Andrea is also an usher, greeter and driver for her church.

M.KevechMisty Kevech, RN, BS Ed, MS, COS-C, CCP
RN Project Coordinator, Underserved Populations (UP) Network Lead

Misty primarily works on the educational aspects of the HHQI National Campaign. This involves researching and writing content for the Best Practice Intervention Packages (BPIPs) and supporting materials, as well as supporting underserved populations. She also leads the HHQI University online learning management system.
Personally, Misty loves doing mission work and community outreach with the less fortunate. She is an avid reader and loves her Kindle and phone for 24/7 access to reading materials. Traveling is another fun activity she enjoys with her husband; Alaska has been her favorite trip so far.

S.MillerSharon Miller, MSN, RN
RN Project Coordinator

Sharon contributes to the production of various HHQI educational materials including Best Practice Intervention Packages (BPIPs) and HHQI University curriculum. She has a wealth of nursing experience including nearly 30 years in didactic and clinical nursing education in a university setting. She has also performed data abstraction, performance measure development and served as a technical writer for various hospital, ambulatory care and physician office quality improvement projects and the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) External Peer Review Program (EPRP).
In her free time, Sharon enjoys spending time with her two grandsons, travelling, sewing and other creative crafts, working jigsaw puzzles (both on her tablet and the old-fashioned ones), reading and playing with her feline and canine fur-babies. She also serves on the Susan G. Komen West Virginia Affiliate Grants Committee and has participated in the Race for the Cure for many years.

C.SunCindy Sun, MSN, FNP, COS-C
RN Project Coordinator, Cardiovascular Health Initiative Lead

Cindy is a family nurse practitioner and university educator with experience in a variety of health care settings including home health, hospital, and physician’s office. Cindy’s responsibilities with HHQI include coordinating more than 100 national Network Coordinators, developing educational resources and data reports, as well as being a primary resource for the nation’s home health agencies. Cindy also leads the integration and evaluation of preventive cardiovascular care into the home health setting through the Home Health Cardiovascular Data Registry (HHCDR).
On the weekends, Cindy enjoys getting away and attending local events & festivals. She also enjoys photographing the seasonal changes while hiking the West Virginia mountain trails with her husband and dog, Charlie (8 pounds of fur with 100 pounds of attitude – the dog, not the husband).

C.Welch.Crystal Welch, RN, MSN
RN Project Coordinator

As an RN Project Coordinator, Crystal leads the HHQI’s Stakeholder Work Committee which is an exclusive group of cardiovascular and home health stakeholders who share the vision of improved health care through cardiovascular disease prevention and focuses on developing the campaign’s primary educational tools called Best Practice Intervention Packages (BPIPs). Their focus is to introduce cardiovascular best practices to the home health setting and work with stakeholders all over the nation to prevent heart attacks, strokes and other cardiovascular-related conditions -- in support of the national Million Hearts® initiative.

On a personal note, Crystal enjoys organic gardening and her free-range backyard hens.

J.MannaJill Manna
Director of Analytical Resources

As the Director of Analytical Resources, Jill assumes primary responsibility for oversight of the analytic support for the HHQI National Campaign. This includes program evaluation, reporting and data analysis. Jill works closely with clinical HHQI team members to develop reports that are meaningful to the home health community.
On a personal note, Jill is an animal lover. She spends most weekends horseback riding with her daughter and enjoying some quiet time with her family which includes many dogs and cats.

Y.SunYing Sun

As the statistician for the HHQI National Campaign since 2007, Ying Sun holds a master’s degree in statistics from West Virginia University and an advanced SAS certificate and is also an adjunct instructor at the WVU School of Medicine. Ying generates all HHQI reports from OASIS-C data and all statistical calculations for HHQI and is an expert in HHQI data and SAS software.
On a personal note, Ying loves gardening and enjoys exercising. He participates in weekly yoga or Zumba classes, and in the summer, Ying gets all the vegetables he needs from his garden.

J.NyirendaJoshua Nyirenda, PhD
Director of Science

As the Director of Science, Josh has primary responsibility for designing evaluation of the effectiveness of the HHQI National Campaign and reporting results. To perform these responsibilities, Josh collaborates with all HHQI team members, most notably, the analytic staff.
On a personal note, Josh likes to spend time with his wife and three children, playing musical instruments, singing and participating in his local church activities.